What should you know about inner drivers?

There are so many activities that we do every day. But do you know makes it to do it is because of your inner drivers. You may talk faster or always want to rush things and all this because of your Innere Antreiber. If you go for any therapies, then the therapist would easily find the drivers within a few minutes. It is because they are aware of what makes them do things. Here are some common drivers in transactional analysis that you should know.

Be strong:

It is the most common driver found in men, but some women do have this. This driver tells one not to show any emotions to others. People don’t share their feelings with others which would lead to depression.

Hurry up:


The Hurry up driver makes one do everything faster. They do not relax for a minute and want to complete everything faster. It does not make one enjoy things that make them get tired soon.

Try Hard:

This driver makes one struggles with the events but they make them get frustrated with their failures.

Be perfect:

Being perfect means they put a lot of effort and they will not compromise even small changes in their work.

Please others:

People with driver wants everyone in their surroundings to be happy and they would please them. Hence, the above are inner drivers where some are the reasons for the Stressfaktoren. If you want to avoid this, then you need to find an inner driver.

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