Relationship Hurdles For Healthy Couples To Avoid- Learn from Elistcrawler

Marriages might be made in heaven but they are worked upon on earth. And it is the responsibility of individuals to see to it that they do not fall prey to common issues like infighting and drifting apart. We use the medium of this article to bring to you a list of points that every couple should learn to avoid. So, here you go with elistcrawler!

Be aware of:


  • Distances: Work can carry you halfway across the globe at times. This does not mean that you have to be halfway across from your partner too. Give them notice and tell them in advance that you are growing far. Even after you land there, keep your partner informed and updated. Remember that the world has gotten smaller with the help of technology and applications. It would be of much use if you keep your partner informed about the going on in your life.
  • Navigating the relation: Even after you have gotten into a relationship. You must learn to accept that you have to tread carefully now. Just because you are in a relationship with the person you love does not mean that you start taking liberties. Give your partner the respect that they deserve. A little each day will go a long way in ensuring that negative space does not crawl in between you two when you are afar.
  • Infighting: Know that you cannot win at all the time. You will have to take a lower stand at some of the times. It goes for the both of you, the man and the woman have to keep their ego aside and go after a common goal that will lead to them being mutually happy. This is the key to a happy married life. Never let your ego get in between your relationship.
  • Comparisons: Never make comparisons about your relationship rather focus on learning from the mistakes of others. Make sure that you do not repeat them and stay away from the topics that that led them there. You cannot account for everything; some you have just got to learn.

So these were the hurdles that one must learn to avoid for a happy life.