How Long to Wait to Stain Your Deck After Pressure Washing

If you have never used a wooden deck before, let us be the first to tell you what you are missing out on. Suffice it to say that the glory of enjoying the sun on your face while you are standing on your deck is really hard to compare to anything to, but we can put it this way: it will make you feel utterly amazing at the end of the day. Most people like to start their day off on their decks, whereas others go these extended wooden platforms after they are done with work so that they can relax.

Regardless of what your preferred method of using your deck might be, the reality that you need to clean it regularly with power washing the woodlands remains consistently relevant. Decks are usually not all that well covered due to the reason that they are meant to be easily accessible elevated outdoor areas. Hence, they get dirtier than other parts of your home, and pressure washing is the only thing that allows you to make some headway in terms of cleaning them.

Remember that your deck will need to be stained again after pressure washing, and this is obviously not something that you can do while the deck is soaking wet. This moisture will just dilute your stain coating and make it flow away, and you would need to wait a bare minimum of two days before it is dry enough for what you are trying to do. It’s also fairly common for deck drying to take upwards of three days in a few specific situations such as if the weather is cold and humid.

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